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Our work focuses on building, improving and transacting



Growth Strategy

Business Design
Innovation Strategy
New Venture Development
Customer Insights
Value Constellations
Scenario Planning

Product Development

Product Design & Rollout
Concept Testing
Market Research
Pricing & Revenue Models
Customer Experience
Competitive Assessments

Marketing & Sales

Branding & Positioning
Digital Marketing
Omnichannel Strategy
Customer Segmentation
Partnerships & JVs

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Performance Alignment

Best Practice Benchmarking
Peer Group Comparisons
Gap Assessments
Expense Reduction
Procurement & Sourcing
Business Process Redesign
Store Location & Optimization


Organizational Design
Spans & Layers
Change Management
Compensation & Incentives
Performance Measurement
Go-to-Market Structure

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Investment Sourcing & Screening
Due Diligence
Transaction Structuring
Merger Integration
Opportunity Assessment
Market Validation
Pro Forma Assessment
Buy vs. Build Analyses
Financial Planning & Analysis

Fund Investments

Control vs. Minority Positions
Capital Structure
Performance Gates
Board Support & Participation
Operational Assistance
Interim Management Resources

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Sample projects

Financial Services

Private Bank

Private Banking Launch

We led the design and development of a new Private Banking program for a regional bank, to expand relationships with their core business account customers.

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Investment Product Innovation

InLytics and partners drove the development of a new personal investment product for a top 3 online securities brokerage, combining equity index exposure with fixed income liquidity.

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Brokerage Performance Improvement

Our team led a company-wide organic growth and performance improvement program for a top 5 U.S. securities brokerage, resulting in overall higher profitability and growth driven by expanded offerings.

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Stock Trading

Financial Technology Innovation

Worked with a top 3 online securities brokerage to develop a personal financial site that focused on user experience and capture of data for an underlying analytics engine.

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Digital Advertising Sales

A top 5 search and content company engaged us to restructure the national ad sales organization to align with market growth in video, mobile and enterprise tech.

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Digital content

Digital Content Redesign

Helped to overhaul the business and content models of the largest online local news site, increasing traffic and revenue with lower expenses.

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Specialty Beverage Launch

Assisted a specialty beverage company with the launch of a new line by validating the market opportunity, building an operations and distribution plan, and developing a long-term growth strategy.

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Seat Covers

Home Furnishings NewCo

Built a high growth de novo business by leading the business strategy, product development and website implementation activities, and are continuing to drive ongoing performance improvement.

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Retail Chain Optimization

We performed a performance improvement analysis for a national apparel retailer focused on store segmentation, pricing, merchandising, and omni-channel strategies.

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NewCo Design & Launch

We led the business design and commercial validation of a hospital antimicrobial stewardship business, built on the intellectual property of a top 5 pharma company.

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Clinical Diagnostics Development

A multinational health diagnostics company engaged us to drive product innovation and access new markets, clinical applications, and business opportunities.

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Pharma Innovation Strategy

Developed a business strategy for the innovation division of a top 5 pharma company, focused on launching new integrated care delivery and technology-enabled health service offerings.

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Oil recycling

Waste Oil Recycling

Helped a waste oil recycling company develop a staged growth plan to become a national player, including a sales and marketing strategy, five year financial model and capital structure alternatives.

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Track & Trace

Track & Trace Technologies

Engaged by a multinational chemicals conglomerate to develop and implement an expansion plan into track and trace technologies with secure supply chain military applications.

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Food & Vending

Food and Vending Logistics

Worked with a regional food and vending company to develop a growth plan that capitalized on efficient logistics, smart vending machines and remote inventory control.

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Healthcare Venture Fund

We were engaged as an investment and operating partner to a top 5 pharma company VC fund, focused on diagnostics, devices, health IT and analytics.

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Bank Merger Integration

Supported the merger integration of two regional banks, focused on product alignment, elimination of redundancies, performance forecasting and organizational design.

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Strategic Acquisitions

Developed and implemented a strategic acquisitions program for a multinational printing and security conglomerate to expand into new industrial technologies.

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