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Why Does Choice Make Us Unhappy?

Today we live in a world of unparalleled choice and unlimited information.  In theory we have everything we need to make great choices and be happier than ever.  In reality, we have information and choice overload and companies that can…

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Diversity Photo

The End of Diversity

Companies regularly measure diversity in terms of gender, race or age, implying that demographic mix translates into high performance. But at the same time, companies make deliberate efforts to iron out differences.  Hiring managers and recruiters explicitly look for “fit”.…

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Seeing Acquisitions As Power Transfers

When an animal eats a vegetable it transfers the latter’s power to itself though they occupy different categories. That’s what good acquisitions do. It’s what conventional mergers don’t. Published in The Huffington Post, July 23, 2015 by Kevin McDermott, Daryl Twitchell, Jeremy…

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